Wildlife Sightings – Crossbills, Otters and Sea Eagles

Scottish Crossbill in Ratagan
A Scottish crossbill that Tony managed to snap on the track through the woods behind Grants.

In the last couple of weeks, Tony spotted a Scottish Crossbill, which is a very rare sighting for this part of the world.  Easy to spot though, they are a fantastic bright orange.

I thought this would also be a great opportunity to post some of our favourite sightings from last year.  We managed to catch a baby otter early in the year while we were out walking along the shore of Loch Duich.

baby otter
Baby otter alongside Loch Duich
baby otter on Loch Duich
A baby otter playing in the surf on Loch Duich at Ratagan.

Towards the end of the year Tony caught one of the Glenelg white tailed sea eagles on camera.

White tailed sea eagle
A white tailed sea eagle taking off from the shores of Loch Duich. it was nesting not far away at Glenelg.